Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another Predictable Loss

Once the Yanks trailed by 2-1, today's game was pretty much over.

We, typically, only score two runs on a good day, and it was clear that the two run limit might exceed our abilities today.  That vision proved correct.

The power-hitting, middle of the line-up guy, Carlos Beltran, is back and he looked exactly like he did when he watched a called strike three for the Mets, in the closest they have come in decades to making the world series. This was just before he had a re-birth for the Cardinals, and just before they dumped him as useless for the future.

When, of course, Brian Cashman signed him for three more years.

The called strike three in Kansas City this afternoon painted the center of home plate, waste high.  Easy to confuse for a ball.  Someone please tell me what a profession, experienced major league hitter is thinking, to take that pitch.  Dinner menu?

And my favorite clutch hitter, Brett Gardener, worked a 3-2 count, with the tying run on third in the 9th, before flailing at a ball in the dirt for strike three.  The pitch was so crappy, the catcher could not get his glove on it, so the speedy Brett had to be gunned out at first.

Are we back to .500 now?

Let's have a poll;  everyone write in how they think we shall get our two runs in the next game.

Mr.  Cashman, why don't you provide the first submission?


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