Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The skill of acting

Master thespian Lou Gehrig shows perfect form,
as he breaks up a bar brawl by throwing billiard balls,
in a scene from "Rawhide." 


JM said...

So Duque, you've really been putting up with Anonymous since 2009? In addition to your other talents we must now also look into sainthood.

That Lou sure could act! Better than the Babe, too.

Noah said...

Once again--the "Anonymous" who was the focus of the "Ultimate Thread" and other subsequent controversies has not posted under the name "Anonymous" for several months, but rather under a series of revolving nics to foil the jerk who was hounding the "original" Anonymous by posting provcations under that name. So . . . let's be clear: this "Anonyous" is just a sociopathic provocateur.

In the past, I suggested privately to duque that he change the commenting system to require IDs, passwords, and comment-vetting so that garbage like this does not pollute this board. So far he has not been inclined to do so. I still think it would be a good idea.

el duque said...

Years ago, we tried requiring passwords and vetting comments. It didn't work. For starters, it meant a hassle for anybody who wanted to comment. More importantly, I couldn't comment. Ever. My words never appeared. Drove me nuts. It just didn't work.

Listen: Here's my theory about how a blog community should go. The writers get to speak their peace - and by the way, I am proud to be associated with each of them - and then the readers get to laugh, or scoff, or ridicule, or scream, or whatever. So be it. Everybody gets their two-cents.

You can't imagine the hurtful things that were said to me when we started this blog. It comes with the territory.

But to the critics out there: Keep in mind that this is a love of labor. Nobody gets paid. We write out of a bottomless desire to discuss the Yankees, hopefully with a bunch of readers who are smarter than the average bear. We will always disagree about something. That's fine.

But there is no reason in the world for personal attacks - certainly not on something that should be fun - a Yankee fan blog. (I recognize, it's not going to be fun between now and September, but you get the picture, right?) I think people should say whatever they want - but hold off on the personal antagonism, OK. If we really are Yankee fans, we're all in this together.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Amen El Duque!
It's unfortunate that someone so fixated and toxic feels compelled to spew away into this blog.

There's been little to cheer about this year, but each morning I immediately log in, looking forward to your humor and thoughts, as well as the thoughts of all of the other IIHIIFIIC contributors. John M always brings an extra measure of unique insight and comedy to this mix, and IMO, he is a very welcome addition to your blogging family.

Within social media, there must be thousands of other sites where anonymous commenters can get each other off with personal attacks. This site should be fun, and inclusive, for all Yankee fans.

Anonymous said...

John M.


Anonymous said...

John M is a fabulous contributor to this interweb site

Anonymous said...

El Duque is a saint and a unique talent. There is a humor here that is rare in any bsseball blog. It is basically El Duque punctuated by Alphonso's special brand of pessimisson and Mustang's graphics. John M. may be a nice guy who knows his team like the average joe at river ave blues or lohud but he is just not funny.

el duque said...

I disagree. John M has written some of the funniest posts on this blog.

Every time someone joins IT IS HIGH, they get picked apart like a U.S. Supreme Court nominee.

Listen: I NEED John M.

I'm never going to make it through the next three months - much less the next 14 years - with the Kelly Johnsons and Vidal Nunos of creation clutching my beating heart like a potato chip - without backup. If you disagree with a point made by John M - or me - hell, call us out! That's fine! But we cannot continue to fire on our own troops.

JM said...

I've been called many things over the past decades, and 'not funny' is the absolute least of them.

Flame on you crazy diamond.

And Duque, thanks for the kind words. And you, too, Ken. And thanks to Noah for the explanation I must have missed the first time around or lost with the batch of brain cells that were destroyed over the weekend.

Humor is subjective, much like an individual's reaction to plaid sportcoats. Ralph Kiner was not beloved by everyone...it's just a fact of life.

Anonymous said...

The difference is, Duque, is that John M. feels the need to defend himself in the comments when attacked. Personally attacked, not about his portrayal of this dismal team. I never see that little pencil neck douche, Lupica, defend himself when he's attacked. Neither sis you or Alphonso.

Instead he's on here talking about his job, his raise and his place in society in defense of a few nameless guys who have nothing better to do for four minutes a day.

I'm just one of the many anonymi that feels this way.

Norm Crosby said...

Lord deliver us from the: Pox anonymi

Charles said...

The difference is Anonymous, over the last 3 years that I've been checking into this blog, I've never seen El Duque, Mustang or Alphonso called a douchebag, etc, in the comment section (El Duque, maybe I missed all the fun in the previous years ).
Anonymous, your seething sibling rivalry over John M's elevated status as active contributor is as hilarious as it is pathetic. Please seek professional help, and try to keep your comments civil.

Anonymous said...

Oh Charles is in charge... Ok. So john M had to get Jeter's dad to defend him now?

Well played, john m, well played.

More than one Charles said...

Wrong again Anonymous, ha!
Let's see how many days you obsessively check back to comment on this post,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Mixing the internet and elderly people is such a toxic blend.

The other Charles said...

As is mixing the internet with disgruntled narcissists. Knew you couldn't stay away.

Anonymous said...

Neither could you. I will last word you all day. Nothing better to do. #richproblems

#charles said...


Anonymous said...

I. Win. Always.