Sunday, June 29, 2014


IF…McCann had hit a home run in the Yankee's last at bat, and we went on the win the game I'd say his acquisition was worth it.  I would say he is now a Yankee.

IF….Joe Girardi had a brain and didn't put all his chips, all the time, on Tanaka being perfect, I'd say he was a great manager.

IF….any of the Yankees were able to hit, I'd say we were going to be better than a .500 team.

IF…Cashman were not the worst GM in all of baseball, I'd say let's bring up some rookies and start playing for the future, today.

IF….I had invested in Google instead of drinking and earning my money installing hot tubs, I wouldn't be standing in my ratty yard wondering what I was going to do with all this junk.

IF….I had four wheels, I'd be a bus.

IF….I had a brain, I'd write a poem.


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