Sunday, June 15, 2014

"I can only tell that the sum of all your actions and inactions has produced a daughter who is happy and healthy and who loves the New York Yankees." A Father's Day letter from a daughter

A freshman at Trinity College writes a letter to her dad - a truly great man, and an effective shaper of young minds.

Best of all, you have not, as you claim, forced preferences for any sports team on me. (For reference, readers, note the baby pictures in which I am wearing a New York Yankees onesie, a photo of myself at Yankee Stadium before I was old enough to pronounce the word "Steinbrenner” and the fact that our family's copy of the 2003 World Series has gone mysteriously unwatched.) Surely, I made the $1 bet with one of the Mets fans in my fourth grade class over the Subway Series out of my pure, unaffected, self-established love for the most hated team in baseball. 
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