Sunday, June 5, 2016

Be Careful. If I feel Dis-respected, I'll Take More. Maybe Even Romine

And If I take Romine, you don't have Sanchez, either.

Gee.  How did that happen?

Can Headley catch?  I don't thin Refsnyder has taken any turns behind the plate.  Maybe he is the next Jorge Posada.

What are you going to do now Brian?

Trade our upcoming top selection in the draft for a 42 year old Molina?

Draft a catcher prospect who may be major league ready in 6 years?

How about a first baseman?  Maybe someone who plays third base?

Tell me;  is Dante Bichette still a top prospect?

Here is a better idea;  draft a guy whose parents have already announced that their son ( your target ) is going to attend college.

Everyone wants to play on a loser, right?

Keep up the good work, Brian.  This team has your name on it.

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Local Bargain Jerk said...

Can Headley catch?

Headley can catch, but he can't throw the ball back to the pitcher.

So no.