Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Should We Be Concerned?

No big deal that my granddaughter is mimicking her grandfather in this shot.  She is a Yankee fan.  But doesn't like hats.

But I digress.

My question is with regard to the the grandfather who is currently carrying this team.  Carlos Beltran.
Without his scorching bat, we don't win any of the last several games.  And we will not win tonight if Joe decides to " rest him" on the bench.

I don't think he would dare do that, so we shall beat the dog-doo Angels, once again.  Tonight.

If this is a day game, I might panic.

But we are well on our way back to .500, and enjoying the second longest winning streak of the season.

F*** it.  No matter when we play today we win.

Book it, Danno.

What, me worry?

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John M said...

Might be Rain-Out Theater today, not looking good here in the Big Apple.

We're drifting precipitously from the 1966 team's record. Of course, we can't play the dregs of the league forever.