Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It begins today...or tomorrow. What, you ask? Another win streak.

I woke up to see the Yankees ahead 6-5 in the ninth.

The rains had arrived.  The shooter was ready to come in and lock up this game.  He struggled to grip the ball, keep his balance on the emerging mud heap that was the mound, and needed eye wipes to see any of Mc Cann's signs.

So he put the first batter on and was down in the count 3-1 to the next Ranger hitter, when the ground crew appeared.

It was a deluge.

 John and Suzyn acclaimed that these were, "conditions under which this game simply should not be played."

I concurred and went to bed, as the Ranger manager argued with the umpires on the dugout side of third base.

I awakened this morning to learn two things;  England had lost to Iceland in the Euro Cup, cementing their status as a second class country, following Brexit; the Yankees gave up 4 runs at 2:15 am and we lost the game.

No matter.  We have a clean slate.  The Gods are aligned.  Things are in balance for the Yankees.  Even Chase Headley is hot.

Today ( or tomorrow ) we begin a series of one game winning streaks.

Cashman and his boss, the ever happy Hal Steinbrenner, will never have to make the " buyer or seller" choice.  Keeping things even means you don't have to decide a thing.

You need not take responsibility for a plan or a strategy. The condition of " no accountability" remains.

Just win one.  Lose one.

Stay where you are.


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