Tuesday, June 28, 2016


To the bigoted eyes of the Rangers fan, it looked last night like Joe Girardi milked four innings of pounding rain while it lashed at his opponents, then demanded a moratorium when closer Chapman took on water. This twisted view ignited a Texas-sized hate-fest on that bullhorn for brats, Twitter, where our Skipper suffered a midnight pile-on so shameful it could only have erupted while the decent slept.

Here are just a few of the thousands of slanders that caused #JoeGirardi to trend:

@Davidcgalloway "Joe Girardi wears sunglasses to a casual poker game amongst friends."
@mmolina15 "Joe Girardi always takes the server's pen." 

@Garytown "Joe Girardi sits down when he pees."
@jakeintheBox "Joe Girardi mooches off unsecured WiFi."
@gotoburch "Joe Girardi loves Nickelback."  
@trixie6717 "Joe Girardi takes 45 items to the express lane and pays with a check."
@TXChooChooTrain "Joe Girardi goes to the bathroom right before the bill comes"
@hawk2973 "Joe Girardi cheats at Go Fish when he plays kids at the hospital."
@Doc_Hillz  "Joe Girardi needs you to deposit $500 in his Nigerian bank account."
@lonestarball "Joe Girardi tweets GoT spoilers."
@lonestarball "Joe Girardi clogs up your toilet, but doesn't tell you and just leaves it for you to discover." 
@caddyr4 "Joe Girardi reminds the teacher about the homework after the bell rings." 


el duque said...

Joe Girardi cheats on emissions standards for his new diesel car and lies about Benghazi.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Joe Girardi never owned a car, never talked about Benghazi. And never set foot in the Bronx!

John M said...

And none of them mentioned that he's not a very good manager. Interesting. But I guess they are Texans, so something like that would get past them and they'd go for toilet jokes.

If only they'd secede...

KD said...

Idiot Texas fans ought to be cheering Girardi. If he hadn't jumped out of the dugout and demanded the tarp, Chapman would have got it together, closed the game and the Yanks would've won. Something in the binder must have told Joe the umps would call the game. too clever by half.

joe de pastry said...

Chapman reminded me of Joba and the midges.
But, on a happy note, Ramiro Pena played short for the baseball Giants last night, got two hits, and raised his average to .414.

I'm Bill White said...

The Master was brutally honest about this club tonight. And Suz the same. I enjoyed the candor. What a change. I'm surprised the censors didn't cut to music.