Saturday, June 11, 2016

Seven And Done

So the Yankees completed their five game win streak last night, the second longest push of this young season.

I felt confident in tending to this streak.

I'm not so certain as to what occurs today.

And it is my own damn fault.

As many of you will recall, I vowed to drink a shot of something ( tequila, Crown Royal,
Grey Goose, etc ) for every zero inning CC ( my personal favorite ) recorded this season.

Last night was a big number.  Seven great innings from the big guy.  Seven shots for me.  And I was using a Texas sized shot glass that someone bought for me at the Syracuse State Fair.

Okay, I'll say it.  I am a little fuzzy today, and would like to sleep a lot more.

I do think the streak ends today.  That was my premise from day one.  Five straight and a game over .500.

I don't want it to happen.  I feel like a driver who should not be on the road.

Don't count on me today.

The Yankees have to do it on their own.


John Oliver said...

Sorry you're feeling out of it.
I was going to give you a couple of tickets to tonight's game.

John M said...

Well, you were right again. Verlander shut us down and we lost. I had projected we'd be 1-2 against the Tigers before beating up the tomatoes we face the rest of the month, so let's see...