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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Washed-up Suzuki passes Rose, hits .349 in 55 games this year

Good thing we got rid of him and got Beltran. Man, are we lucky.


John M said...

Hey, just realized we're 31-34. In 1966, we were 28-36-1.

Not too far off.

Tom said...

Come on now, John. Beltran has been an upgrade on Suzuki, who pretty much stunk for the Yankees. On a good team, where he would be a power-hitting contributor rather than the team's best and only, Beltran would be playing a Johnny Mize- or David Justice-role, winning games and having fun as the elder statesman. Unfortunately, we are in the middle of 1966-redux, and Beltran is playing the Mickey Mantle role -- without the good will of a million pennants and two handfuls of World Series.

Congratulations, Ichiro, the Worldwide Hit Leader. Great career, especially if Pete Rose feels threatened.

John M said...

Ichiro is faster, a better outfielder, in incredibly better physical shape, and a more productive hitter...although I agree that he didn't perform that great with the Yankees, thanks to Blockhead Girardi's using him mainly as a platoon hitter--against the pitchers he hit worst against, righties. His splits showed that Ichiro hit much better against lefties, but for some weird reason, Joe kept trotting him out against righties and his average suffered greatly as a result.

Odd decision for a man who supposedly lives by the little black binder...

joe de pastry said...

Singles hitter who rarely walks.

Anonymous said...

Girardi is the worst in game manager in Yankee history. He grossly misused Suzuki.
Girardi is genetically incapable of managing a baseball game.