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Live game chat tonight @ 8
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Sunday, June 26, 2016

The view from the left (coast)

What with staying up half the night to watch the Brexit returns, watching the stock market futures set themselves up for a downside run that should make February and last August seem downright jolly, and catching a near-dawn jet to the baking desert of Southern California, there hasn't been a lot of time to catch up with the State of the Yankees and the collected wisdom of IIH.

Here in Palm Springs, it was around 110 degrees yesterday. It will be around 110 degrees today, and it will be about 110 degrees tomorrow and the rest of the week. Sometimes physical extremes bring about moments of great clarity (on the other hand, A-Rod continues to play and Tex thinks he has years left on an MLB roster, so it doesn't always work). 

However, if you're not as dumb as a Trump voter (© LBJ Enterprises, LLC), you know that Alex is toast and Tex is a great guy who can't play more than ten or 20 games without sitting twice as many out with the Gonad Squad. And you also know that this Yankees team still has a shot at the 1966 Record of Catastrophe. (The hot desert sun is making capital letters look really good, for some reason. Or it's the vodka. One of those.)

After today's loss to the Twins (6-1 in the 8th as I write, the Yanks facing Cy Young), we'll be 38-38. That puts us only four games, more or less, from 66's 34-41-1, And this is after the sweetest spot in our schedule, which we came as close to bungling as humanly possible without being labeled Officially Bungled, something they know a thing or two about in the UK.

As an aside, I think I really don't care about Brexit beyond the fact that I'm an inveterate bear when it comes to the markets and the result saved my bacon. I was thinking I might have to go find a job again, but the good working people of Britain have seemingly made my career switch to trading a success. Were they stupid? Maybe. Were they as dumb as Trump voters (© LBJ Enterprises, LLC)? A tough bar to surpass there, so probably not. Do I love to hear right-wingers cry and gnash their teeth over how mean and arrogant lefties are, as displayed in the comments to Alphonso's post of the other day? Oh, yes. I do love the utter hilarity of hearing that from a movement that has debased our political discourse to the lowest possible level and called every Democratic leader every name in the book for decades, with the triumphant, rock-headed, hate-filled spirit that only the truly faith-based can display.

Which leads me back to the Yankees, which is and has been led and filled with staunch Republicans in and out of uniform, and is as faith-based (as opposed to fact-based) an organization as MLB has to offer. And because of that, I think 1966 is well within our grasp. We just have to stay the course and continue to make bad decisions, field the overpaid underperformers, and keep the managerial staff in place throughout the major and minor-league levels.

We can do it. If any organization can be as dumb as Trump voters (© LBJ Enterprises, LLC), it is us. And come November, who knows? Perhaps the entire country gets to be the 1966 Yankees. Or maybe we just fall into a cactus. Crazier things have happened.


Anonymous said...


Mustang said...

Thank you, John M. It's reassuring to know that the Rangers could knock the Yankees back to 1966 with a sweep. I'm going to put a Batman episode on mute and listen to Revolver.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

John, I don't think Anonymous was saying the left is arrogant and mean. His or her point is that the arrogance manifests itself in a close mindedness and your showing a illusory superiority. Please keep your blather to yourself as you are ruining a good baseball site.

Mustang said...

Anonymous, I was willing to listen until you said this is good baseball site.

Mustang said...

The more I think about that, the more it pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

The illuminati are worse than Yankee management. Trump would run the Yankees much better than the imbecile brothers. Let the Brits vote whether to keep Girardi and Cashman.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Two observations:

1) If I'm getting the reference correctly, I think it should be "(© JDP Enterprises, LLC)" as the coiner of that phrase was "joe de pastry". Credit where credit is due.

2) This team is so bad, they're not even worth talking about anymore. The vibe on this "good baseball site" seems to have soured. We are reduced to squabbling over European politics.

KD said...

The Trump voters, the Brexit voters, the Bernie voters, the IIHIIFII...c Yankee fans all have one yuge commonality: things suck right now. Shake it up.

joe de pastry said...

Thanks, LBJ, but from now on my comments on this site will not be political.
Yankee baseball is depressing enough; why make it worse?