Thursday, June 16, 2016

Physics 101

There is almost a formulaic predictor to the comings and goings of this Yankee team.  I am both the formula and the predictor.

As you have noticed;  the Yankees go on a roll, then give it all back.  Then, they repeat that sequence.

A basic law of physics is that, " every action has an equal and opposite reaction."  So the Yankees win six, then they lose six ( okay 5 ).  They win 5 and then they lose 5 ( possibly 4). If the Yankees were an actual, competitive team, the numbers would work differently.

 But no matter what;  the Yankees stay within striking distance of .500 and, eventually, return to that equilibrium.  Matching the physics law which says, " water will always seek its own level."

So it is time for a new prediction;  The Yankees are about to begin their third best winning streak of the season.  The math suggest that this will result in a win streak of 4 games.

But this one is going to play out a little differently;  The Yankees will win 3 of the next 4 games which, is , basically the same for this Yankee team.  Ike Davis is the "X" factor, possibly contributing to the one loss.

In summary, physics tells us that, " a team which sucks at the core, also sucks at the mother lode."


Anonymous said...

What's frustrating is that, when they go on these mini winning streaks, you can't help but feel that they are finally turning things around on a more permanent basis. Because on paper the Yankees have a pretty good team; the majority of the offense is hitting way lower than their potential.

Taking your theory even further about returning to the mean it is almost like we are finally paying for all those years of aura and mystique when we would always end up near the top no matter what we looked like on paper. Now we constantly do worse than we should. Every game is like a coin flip.


Anonymous said...

ALPHONSO is my hero, and he should be the one presently running for President. He's the only one who makes sense....

I'm Bill White said...

Make The Bronx Great Again

Anonymous said...


joe de pastry said...

Anonymous Bob,
I have absolutely no difficulty in feeling that they are not turning things around, except to go in circles and finish at about .500.