Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Final K

I don't know who we are playing today, or at what time.

We are going to win two more in a row.

That gets us to one game over .500 ( is that right?), and terminates the win streak at five games.  Making it our second longest win streak of the season.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that another dog-doo team is coming to the stadium.

As for my headline;  It refers to Parolee's last at bat of the win yesterday.  He had shocked the world with 2 homers and a double.  As well as excellent glove work at first base.  People started to forget his age and the fact that he has been kicked around baseball like a pinball.

People started to thing that maybe, just maybe, Cashman had acquired and stashed a few players in the farm system who could actually help.

Not I.

Parolee's last at bat showed that the scouting reports had arrived on the Angel's bench.  He struck out, and looked as bad doing so as any of our .145 hitters.

His hitting magic, therefore, is done.

But he still had a flash of glory.  A great tape to show his grandchildren, one day.

And we thank him for that.

Enjoy the game.


Alphonso said...

Spell check got me. I may be dumb but not ignorant. Parmalee is the name.

When I type Cashman, here is what spell check gives me: Ashman.

Maybe Parolee should be his name.

John M said...

I like Parolee. Thought you did it on purpose. Seems fitting.

Alphonso said...

Most of my best work is done by accident.

Tom said...

You've set me up, Alphonso, and now I'm ready to invest. I'm going to bet the ranch and the old lady's retirement fund. This can't miss. I have never seen anything like this in all my long days of picking the wrong team and guessing the wrong outcome. You called the longest winning streak of the year a few weeks back, and now you say we're enjoying the second longest, through Friday's game with Detroit but not Saturday's. Who am I to argue with this phenomenal streak you're on?

So mark it down: Alphonso says we're going to win Friday and lose Saturday.

Can't miss. I'm betting big!

joe de pastry said...

No one gives a crap about the Red Sux? You want to see them and the Mets in the World Series? June is a weird time for hockey, but this year I wish they'd play until football starts. What no one gives a crap about is Copa Amerigo Vespucci.
Heard from John Oliver lately?

Alphonso said...

Well, there are also the NBA playoffs.....which should wrap up around July 4th. Then, they start the NBA summer league, pretend to compete against some beer-league Croatians for the Olympic basketball medal and, finally, start training camps again.

The wonderful world of run and stuff never ends.

It would be more interesting if the NBA played their games on skates.

Football should start far earlier.

Training camps don't begin until the end of July, and the first pre-season game is two weeks later. No wonder all the payers are injured.