Thursday, June 9, 2016

Troubling signs

With a win today, the Yankees would become the only team besides the Royals and the Marlins to be .500 or better with a negative run differential.

Ellsbury is batting .293. Beltran is hitting .281 with 16 homers.

The Yankees were 5 for 13 yesterday with runners in scoring position.

1966 is fading from sight. 26-32-1 isn't enormously worse than our current 29-30, but this bottom-feeding Yankees team could be well over .500 by the time it gets done feasting on the dregs of major league baseball into late June. The Sixers never saw .500 all season long after their incredible 1-10 start. 

Detroit, though wallowing in mediocrity this season so far, could put a dent in this rosy scenario, but four with the Rockies and seven with the Twins (neither twin able to play baseball very well, it seems) could negate that easily.

Let's say, for kicks, 1-2 vs. Detroit, 3-1 vs. Colorado and 5-2 against Minnie. Figuring we beat the Angels again today, that leaves us at 39-35 before we get swept by Texas...but then there's the Padres. 42-39 by the fourth of July and in the thick of the wild card race.

All I can say is, the second half schedule looks a lot less forgiving. There's still hope, but the next month is going to be tough on the old analogue.

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