Sunday, June 19, 2016

Twins Provide Fodder And False Hope

As the Yankees notched their third straight win yesterday, the team is officially on the cusp of their third best winning streak of the season.

 If this pattern of outrageous success continues ( see prediction of June 16th at 3:34pm ), the Yankees will today extend their positive progress to one game over .500.

Three wins in a row is not yet four, but it can become four ( the predicted number of sequential victories ), and it is way better than two.

Some will say:  it has a lot to do with playing the Twins who are, " the 2016 Yankees, only worse." They have Joe Mauer playing first base ( we have the tandem of Ike and Rob ).  Joe is the age of Carlos Beltran, only he is more battered after so many years of being an all star catcher.  It is his contract that keeps him here.  Plus, he is beloved as the Twin Cities best athlete ever.

The young guys ( Twin prospects) are not breaking through.  The team occasionally get a good pitching effort.  The farm system has, thus far, grown mostly bean sprouts. I don't know if their GM rappels down buildings.

But the The Twins make the Yankees believe they can be a .500 club, and stay in that one game play-in race.  Today, we'll see which way it goes.

I predicted this would be our third best run of the season ( it already is). But four in a row was what I said.  And my pride and professional standing depends upon a sweep.

It is the Twins.

Ho hum.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But Girardi stated that they are not playing for a wild card, but rather for their 28th world championship.
Does anyone know where Girardi can obtain proper psychiatric help???

joe de pastry said...

Mauer OBP .379, SLG .407, OPS .786
How many Yankees are better?

Dan Wesche said...

This is a side note, but I'm looking for an audio clip of John Sterling saying "It is high, it is far, it is...caught at the wall" to make into my dad's ringtone. He asked me to do this for him for Father's Day, but I've had absolutely no luck finding this particular clip from Google searches. I'm not looking for his A Rod screw up, which has popped up a bunch, I want to find his more pedestrian "Oh, I just overhyped that routine fly ball" kind of call. Anyone have any suggestions? Particularly site admins who have used this call to name your site?

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

Dan Wesche: try listening to the calls at 1:45 and 3:46 at

Neither is exactly what you are looking for, but they are close. Listen to the entire post, as there are some other calls which come close. It's easy to download from YouTube to .mp3 format and edit on your computer to get exactly what you want. Good luck!