Sunday, April 14, 2019

Another First For Cooperstown Cashman!

Yes, it is the first time since 1982 that the Yankees have lost their first series at home!

That was the miserable "Year of the Three Managers," the Yankees' only losing season between 1973 and 1989.  The year they finished 79-83. fifth in their division.


Before that?  You have to go back to 1913, the Yanls' first season as tenants in the Polo Grunds, when they went 57-94, good for 7th place in an 8-tea league.

Did I say uh-boy?


Leinstery said...

Coops could have traded the oft-injured and frequently useless Sanchez for actual catcher TJ Realmuto. I have no idea why Hal has yet to hire any old bum off the street to be the GM. ANYONE would be better than Cooperstown and he could pay them in food stamps, this is a win-win for you Hal, pull the trigger.

EDB said...

You blog is great. I would like to contribute. I am good at killing the Yankees when it warrants. You can reach me at Thanks. Ed

JM said...

For years, there have been articles about automation and how it's taking jobs from real, live workers. Since Cashman has assembled the biggest team of statboys in baseball, why not eliminate the GM position and the on-field manager? Do everything by the numbers, and hire a robot to make trade phone calls.

It can't be any worse.