Tuesday, April 23, 2019

It Was A Long Game....

What did we learn?

1.  It was much  better to win than to lose.

2.  It gives Boone a chance to say," we are going to need some length from our starter today."

3.  Gleybar may be a .240 hitter who mostly strikes out in clutch situations,  rather than an emerging superstar.

4.  El Chappo can blow games against lousy teams, even when he has his 100 mph fastball.

5.  That person at third base is contributing nicely.  I may have to learn his name.

6.  I have never expected Tyler Wade to hit anything but ground balls to first and second base.  But he does flash leather.

7.  What is with our base runners?  Andujar probably put himself out for the year scrambling back to third, and Frazier may have put himself out for 2-4 weeks doing the same at second base.

I am out of beer.


Parson Tom said...

Gleyber tries to pull everything, making defensive shifts effective. Gio Urshela or whatever his name is goes with the pitch, which is how he hit the sac fly and the RBI single to win last night. Why, oh, why do all these guys insist on pulling the ball all the time?

JM said...

Tom, look no further than Stanton to see why. If you bat .240 but hit 40 or more home runs, you get big money. Why wouldn't the kid swing for the fences? That's where the money is.

I hate it as much as you.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yeah, I worry that El Conquistador may also have fallen victim to our analytics career destroyers. And I'm beginning to love this Gio guy.

This is also why it is a huge mistake to let Gio Gonzalez walk.

1996: Yankees are first major-league team ever to have two guys named "Mariano" on the same team (Really. They're still the ONLY 2 guys in MLB history named Mariano.). Team wins the World Series.

2017: Yankees are only team ever (I'm guessing) to have 3 guys name "Tyler" on the same team. After trading Tyler Clippard, they fall JUST short of winning the pennant.

2019: Two Gios plus—some day—two Aarons? How can you beat that?

Carl J. Weitz said...

Hopefully, as Gleyber matures, he won't chase every effing pitch thrown his way, become more selective, walk, and get the count in his favor where he can do more damage more often.

Unknown said...