Monday, April 1, 2019

Playing With Jeter

It seems I already have to correct my jeering post regarding Cashman's infamous boast that the Yankees had six star outfielders and thus did not need to sign Bryce Harper.

Stanton's injury means that now not two but THREE of the Magnificent Six are on the DL, indefinitely, with major hurts.

During yesterday's interminable rain delay, the Yanks' pregame guys were going on and on—without naming any names—about how foolish the Miami Marlins were in trading all these players.

This seems to have become the latest charm offensive from Snake Cashman, as already seen in the Klapsich Report.  That is, an oily, revisionist takedown on Derek Jeter for being an overrated prima donna of a player, turned fool of a general manager whose pockets Coops and others have been gleefully picking.

The usual hired panderers who do this franchise no good have all rushed on board, glad to protect their paychecks by spewing the usual Cashy line.

But of course as any Romanian peasant can tell you, he who sups with Derek Jeter had better have a long spoon.

Here's a little reality check for Mr. Cashman and his hired minions:  which man followed up a Hall of Fame career by marrying a gorgeous supermodel and moving into a Florida mansion?  Which one rappels down buildings dressed as an elf, fighting off a mistress/stalker in court and still having to rely on paid flunkies to state his case?

The Jetes-Coops showdown it now seems likely we'll see played out for years to come is like Muhammad Ali vs Chuck Wepner.  I don't know about you, but my money is not on the Bayonne Bleeder.

Of course, the 2019 season is now set up perfectly for Cashman.

This is our GM's only real talent, making excuses to his bosses and the press corps, and the Yanks' injuries have already given him everything that he needs. If the year goes south, well, what did you expect?

A somewhat less bribed observer might note that injuries are ALWAYS a part of the game, and that the way to deal with them is to get ahead of them, and build in redundancy. But that would upset the only man Cash has to answer to, Zieg Hal, who is way too busy making sure the fans don't get to sneak off with a rain check after choking down Rodentia Dogs for three hours to be bothered with more socialist ideas about spending "his" money.

So it goes. Me, I just want to see what official press release Coops puts out there the day after we all witness Derek Jeter lifting high the World Series trophy.


Publius said...

No later than by the last week of October 2019, Cashman will have make history this year. He will have presided over the first decade long stretch (year ending in 0 to year ending in 9) in New York "Yankees" history without an American League pennant. He should be fired immediately after the last out of the last Yankees game. His name should henceforth be a byword for, and a caution against, the large gap between "cleverness" and "intellect", between "process" and "success".

HoraceClarke66 said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Publius. Very well said, and right on the money.

One small thing: the Yankees also failed to do this in the 1910-1919 decade. (And yes, they were called the Yankees at times even in their first year, 1903.)

That decade, too, they were owned in part by people who did not really care if they won or lost. MORE than coincidence??

13bit said...

Cashman is an asshole.

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