Monday, April 15, 2019

Quick Question...

Now that Giancarlo Stanton is back working with a batting tee, do the Yankees keep records of his strikeouts?


Alphonso said...

Okay, so if no one is interested I shall answer my own question. Stanton , even hitting off the tee, has a strikeout rate of .3988. Which means he can't hit a stable ball more than 6 times out of 10.

I know fourth graders with better batting discipline.

When Duque played in HS, he hit off the tee like a tiger. 8 of 10 were ground balls, and he only swung and missed 18 time out of 100. So he is still a better hitter than Stanton.

JM said...

I personally love this post. I've just been annoyingly busy with an annoyingly annoying freelance client.