Monday, April 1, 2019

Don't Let this Truth Slip By......

I started sipping Gentleman Jack about two minutes after the game was meant to begin.

As I saw the words, " Rain Delay" appear on the monitor, I switched over to watch March Madness.

I returned to the baseball after I had posted something on IIH to do with a rainout being our only salvation.  I then noticed that a Yankee game was on tv, although it could have been one of
those " classic replays," of the most embarrassing yankee losses in history.

The sipping continued.

 I did realize the game was " live" when the Yankees were down three runs, had two runners on base, two outs, and Stanton at bat.  Needless to say, I made a 2018 prediction:  " Stanton will strike out here."  And he did.

To my eyes, it was not even a competitive strike out.

Later in the game, we were still down by three runs and it was, suddenly,  "Groundhog Day. " I was still sipping the Gentleman Jack, and Stanton was again at bat, with two out and two runners on base.  I predicted he would strike out.

Only the fates intervened.  He walked.

 But if any of you were still watching, that pitch ( called ball four by the ump) was clearly dead on the inside corner for strike three.  Not even borderline. The TV people even replayed it twice, making the case for automation of the home plate umpire's role.

Stanton escaped back-to-back failures with the game on the line.  He gets paid how many million to look like a poor player on a weak high school team?

Man, was I born at the wrong time!

The truth is: Stanton is a useless piece of ...( fill in your own description )....who will help the Yankees only in meaningless situations.  Mark it down.

He is a symbol of failure.

Worse than our policy in Yemen.


JM said...

But Sanchez hit a homer. Whoo.

Of course, Sanchez IS a homer. Along with Stanton.

Carl Weitz said...

Too bad Cashman wasn't astute enough to trade Sanchez for Reamulto.
And Stanton has already taken on the role of a choker. Come out and see him most nights at 7PM. Matinees at 1PM. Watch him bumble, stumble and whiff!

Carl Weitz said...

Please don't come out to see him for a couple of weeks as he is currently on the injured list.
Sorry for the inconvenience. But please do come out and watch his understudy Mike Tauchman.

Vampifella said...

I'm still pissed about getting Stanton. Just as soon as we get rid of the Arod albatross, they get a new one in Stanton. I'm still hoping Manny will prove himself quickly to be a bad signing.

At least Sanchez isn't costing the team 30 mil a year and can be traded to the Pirates for a sucky reliever where he'll promptly will become the next Willie Stargell type hitter for them.

Anonymous said...

Who signed Jacoby? Who signed Hicks long-term? Who traded for Gray? Who traded for Stanton? What a f**kin joke!!!!!!!

Publius said...

This reeks of clubhouse drama.

HoraceClarke66 said...

At least we'll get to see something of The Man Who Forgot Cats' Names. Hey, he'll be a relief after Giancarlo.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And hey, in fairness, this was yet another home plate ump who seemed visually challenged. I'm close to going with the automatic umpire myself.