Monday, April 8, 2019

The numbers wonks say Boston should start to worry... a little

The great numbers website, - (named for the number of voters in the Electoral College, by the way) - conjures up periodical predictions on MLB races. Of course, it's too early to project anything. 

But hell, for sake of fun, let's get this parlor game going. Following the Yankees mighty sweep of "The Wire City O's," here's where the universe stands.

Of course, the lead is that Boston has fallen slightly below Tampa, though everybody knows this is merely a glitch in the Matrix. By the way, the Mets stand at a 50 percent chance making of the playoffs - which means, well, maybe they will and maybe they won't.

Statistically, Baltimore is given no chance - less than one percent. As are the Marlins. Sad summers ahead. 


Vampifella said...

Less than one percent is about what Chris Davis will end up batting. I'm glad none of the Yanks are that epically awful.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And again, the greed of MLB owners is epically insane.

They play Chris Davis because they paid him a lot of money.


They still have to pay him, no matter what happens to him. So if they can't trade him for lottery tickets (and swallow all or most of his salary), why not just release him?

They pretend their choice is, "Play him or waste all that money."

Their real choice is, "Release him and waste all that money, or play him and waste all that money PLUS damage your team, tarnish your brand, and enrage your fans."

HoraceClarke66 said...

Funny thing is, too, the start of this season, bad as it's been—it projects to a 90-72 record, possibly enough for a Wild Card spot.

That's all you have to do nowadays. Tweak it up by five more games, you may well take a division title, too.

But maintaining that consistency...

Alphonso said...

This has to be the most idiotic use of analysis I have seen since the war in Iraq.

Carl J. Weitz said...
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Carl J. Weitz said... not suggest that the Orioles release Chris Davis because that next left-handed power bat Cashman signs just might be.....