Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Frazier Should Not Be A Hero

I watched Frazier when he turned his ankle on that awkward attempt to not get picked off.

He hung in on pure guts. 

But the next day, Boone rightfully sat him down.

If Boone is smart ( I am in big trouble using an assumption like this ), he will sit Frazier for a week.
Clint is already barking to get back in.  But he will hurt himself, and over-compensate.  And that means, his productivity...the groove he was in....will get lost.  He will start breaking  bats over his knee, again, until he gets a hematoma.  This is not a wise technique for demonstrating frustration.

We need him healthy and fit.

We won last night with the bench.  Let them keep battling.

We have no chance today, anyway, if that Lasagne guy from Scranton is pitching.  He has no command; he will be out of the game in the 4th inning; and the Yankees are destined to lose this one.

The fact that Lasagne is in California today speaks volumes about how useless Chance Adams is.  Chance should retire and become a walk-on in cowboy movies.

I am reaching the point where I don't want to see Sanchez, Stanton, or Andujar return. 

Just go with what we have.

It is more fun to expect nothing but get a lot.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! People keep saying how refreshing it is to hear a guy say he wants to play through an injury. And I agree, I love the attitude and the drive.

But playing on a fresh ankle sprain is asking for it.

Something like 80% of ankle sprains are reinjured anyway. The recommended treatment is to rest it, ice it, and then rehab it while avoiding any activities that could cause it to get worse or cause you to resprain it.

If it's a mild sprain, a week, max two, of rest will do it. If it's a severe sprain he'll need longer.

Ankle sprains are no joke and can hang around for a while if you don't treat them well. Even staying in the game those last two innings probably hurt his recovery time.

Just rest him a few days and let him write the alphabet with his toes three times a day or whatever the doctor says to do. Then bring him back with a really good brace and hope for the best.

JM said...

Speaking of Lasagna, it's a good thing we let Gio Gonzales take a hike. Because, God knows, trying him out with a few big league starts would've been an awful idea, especially when we have the likes of Lasagna.

I assume we would've owed Gio money if he reached the big club. Otherwise, letting him go is pointless. Wait, letting him go because of a few Hal funny money bills is pretty pointless, too.

Sprains are no joke, indeed, and that goes for the Sprain Parkway just north of NYC. But if Clint sits for a week, management has the excuse to send him down if anyone is ready to come off the IL during or near the end of that time. I want him to heal, but I want him to stick more.

I, like some of you older fans, remember guys like Mantle sometimes playing with much worse injuries, and somehow they survived. I know that wasn't good for them, but the delicacy with which players today are treated is just a bit much for me. In some cases, when a player wants to play and is able to play, he should play. I think this is one of those.

ranger_lp said...

Roster Moves: Following Tuesday’s game, the Yankees optioned RHP Chad Green and C Kyle Higashioka to @swbrailriders. Prior to tonight’s game, LHP Stephen Tarpley was recalled from Scranton/WB and C Gary Sánchez was returned from rehab and reinstated from the 10-day injured list.

Good riddance to Chad Green...he's been stinking out the stadiums of late.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Interesting. Sadly, Chad needs to work on...something. (Pitch tipping?) And much as I like Higgy's spirit, he's not a major-league catcher. We'll have to hope Sancho can do something.

I gotta go with JM on Frazier. Players need to play. If that means consuming Mick-like levels of alcohol, so be it.

And yes, Chance Adams is stinking up Scranton again, more's the pity. With a name like that, he shoulda been a star.

Unknown said...

Grant hill

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Drs. Anonymous and Alphonso. The Yankees can now fire their medical and training staffs and rely on the advice of you two bloggers, who have not examined Frazier, have no first-hand knowledge of his condition, and wouldn't know a sprain from a torn ligament. But thanks for sharing anyway.

Anonymous said...

a true sociopath has no sense of humor, yet thinks he is funny.

JM said...

That's funny. Guess I'm not a sociopath. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Psycho Anonymous--you're a moron. People urging Frazier to hang in there despite the injury were completely serious--JM is merely the worst of the online medical clairvoyants. The problem is that they're imbeciles, like you, so you cleave to them. Kiss my ass, you obsessive attack-dog loser boy.

And, JM--I've never seen you write anything remotely witty or amusing. So I guess, by Psycho Anon's definition, you are a psychopath.

And there's nothing funny about making snide racist jokes about Latin players' names, rendering Loaisiga as Lasagna--not only offensive, but MORONIC, because he's not Italian.

Just your speed, Psycho. Now go finish your supper of your own puke.

Alphonso said...

To Whom It May Concern;

We do know more than the doctors, by the way. Clint had an MRI on the ankle yesterday, and he is out a minimum of 10 days.

Just saying.