Saturday, April 20, 2019

Heath Fillmeyer looms on the horizon. You'd think it would be easy. Who's betting?

Today, the the once-mighty Royals of Kansas City - (last place in AL Central) - send out 25-year-old Heath Fillmyer to take on the Death Star, and - yes, I am a bit taken with the name. Heath Fillmyer... haha.

Few activities run more childish than mocking a name, but since when do we act mature? Heath Fillmyer. Haha. He's a mix of Slade Heathcott, Phil Linz and Randy Myers, with a melodious cadence that sticks to your teeth like a mouthful of Dots. Now and then, you must simply enjoy a sequence of sounds: Estevan Florial... Zolio Almonte... Gustavo Molina... Tucker Ashford... Mickey Klutts... Heath Fillmyer...

But here's the caveat. This afternoon, I suspect Mr. Fillmyer will do to the Yankees what most no-name pitchers with ERAs of 9.00 do: 

He'll confound our batters and pitch six to eight solid innings. He'll have the YES team raving about his arsenal of pitches, his command of the strike zone, and his future in the game. And then he'll vanish back to the Heartland, never to be heard from again.

I recognize that this is merely me carping anecdotal crapola. But damn.. it happens over and over. A pitcher nobody knows comes to Gotham, where the Yankees should be poised to beat him like a rented kettle drum, and he throws the game of his life. The juju gods love to do this to us. They make us think our problems are over, and that there is no way in the world we should lose a game... and then comes the pie in the face.

For the record, Heath Fillmyer is not a rookie. He pitched 82 innings last year, went 4-2. He has started two games this season, pitched 8 innings overall and given up eight earned runs. Eight earned runs. We - on the other hand - have won three of four, have Masahiro Tanaka on the mound, and are poised to reach the .500 mark for the first time since the sad first days of the season. Last night, might Tampa lost - (to Boston, unfortunately) - giving us the opportunity to pull within four games of first and the month of April behind us and maybe even go on a winning streak. Our Death Star should be fully functioning. 

But there's that name. Heath Fillmyer. What are the odds? Just sayin'...


JM said...

I always had a fondness for the clipped Americana of Chet Lemon. But I digress.

Heath tackles the Yanks the day after TMC aired "Wuthering Heights" for the millionth time. Heath, Heathcliff...the cosmos is giggling in our general direction.

Today, Fillmyer--wasn't that the name of a Groucho character in a movie?--will be Cy Young or the Big Train, and we will be the 1903 Highlanders, looking for a bunt single. But mostly striking out while swinging for the fences.

It's raining in New York. Although that isn't stopping the two blue Jays (the birds, not the Canadians) from cavorting in the flowering crab apple tree outside our kitchen window. It's supposed to stop raining by this afternoon, so perhaps Heathcliff will also be cavorting later today.

God help us.

JM said...

Shit, I had missed this. Another lugnut we actually don't need. Did you see Wade at first? Some very nice plays...

The New York Yankees have agreed to a minor league deal with first baseman Logan Morrison, the team announced Friday.

The deal includes an opt-out date of July 1, and Morrison, 31, will make $1 million if he's added to the major league roster, sources told ESPN's Jeff Passan.

Morrison hit .239 with 15 home runs and 39 RBIs in 95 games for the Minnesota Twins in 2018 before he was sidelined by a torn labrum. He had surgery in August that was expected to keep him out for eight months, and he used the rehab time to retool his swing to better resemble that of 2017, when he hit 38 home runs for the Tampa Bay Rays.

He has also played for the Seattle Mariners and Miami Marlins over nine major league seasons.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

re: Catchers

A few years ago, we (on the IIH site) were treated to a brutal lambasting of the SD Padres -- for taking away from our future dreams the great young prospect catcher, Luis Torrens, via the Rule 5 draft.


Torrens is in the Texas League (AA) to start 2019. He's hitting .172. Struck out 7 times (in 29 ABs). Also has walked 4 times.

In 2018, he hit .280 in a full season in Single-A ("advanced") -- 475 ABs, 77 Ks, 73 RBI. He started 84 games, made 14 errors, allowed 21 passed balls.

I'm not sure he was, is, or will ever be the answer to the woes of our incumbent ICS.

And now we, each of us, have to retract those miserable thoughts we beamed out to the City of Saint James.

Vampifella said...

Anybody remember a Yankee rookie by the name of Mike Heath? Well he eventually became a catcher for the Detroit Tigers by the time I got interested in baseball seriously. HEATH!

Anyway, we already saw the guy last year in July, remember? Lasted 5 innings, we got 5 hits and 3 runs off of him. Mostly memorable (or forgettable) as for being the first (and only) home run for Shane Robinson as a Yank. He's that bad.

If Shane can rough this guy up (we had a terrible lineup that day), then we should do rather well today (with a mediocre lineup). But I get what you are saying, usually the first time the Yanks faces a new pitcher, it's a total disaster. A no-hitter in the waiting.

Anonymous said...

Tushman homers!

Anonymous said...

Tushman is a gas!

Anonymous said...

Tushman wipes the bases clean!

Anonymous said...

Tushman is on a run!

Anonymous said...

Tushman dumps one into the right field bleachers!

Leinstery said...

Fire the training staff

JM said...

Great, great, great Tushman calls.

Scottish Yankee fan said...

So many of these injuries at all levels of the club seem to be conditioning injuries

I believe in Occam's razor

There must be something in the training of the players that is causing this

It happens far too often to be bad luck

Anonymous said...

Not bad luck. Bad karma. Hal betrayed the central tenet of owning the Yankees. Thou shalt go after the best players.

Maybe they don't all sign, such as in the case of Greg Maddux, but you go after them. He is not worthy of ownership Karma is a bitch

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yeah, Scotland, I was just about to write it.

And yes, Doug. Good thing we didn't sign that bum, Harper.

Anonymous said...



JM said...

There was no room on our roster for Harper. I wish you guys would remember that.

I'm kind of liking the Tushman and Clint and looking to see if Ford has anything.

There was no room for them on the roster either. Just to be fair.

Vampifella said...

We all know if we had Manny or Harper, they'd be on the DL by now.

I'm just afraid we'll trade something off to the Phillies to get Shane Robinson back.