Sunday, August 12, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Remembering Marvin (Yankee fan, by the way)

Los Angeles Times
August 11, 2012 Saturday
Dear Editor,

The sad passing of movie and stage composer Marvin Hamlisch brought to mind the time I met him. He was a huge fan of the New York Yankees, and in 1989 he and I were two of 78 "campers" who attended the team's fantasy baseball camp in Florida.
Hamlisch was a wonderful person whose musical genius clearly outweighed his skills on the diamond. Whenever a ball was hit to him in the outfield, we'd yell, "Marvin, be careful of your fingers!" He always laughed.
A definite highlight of the week was when he invited a group of us to attend one of his concerts. During a break between songs, he asked us all to stand and introduced us as his Yankee teammates. That is something I will never forget.
Alan Trock

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