Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't Start The International Intervention Until Saturday !

The International Intervention Society is showing some spine.  They refuse to endorse the scheduled IIHIIFIIC Ju-Ju intervention ( this will be our third in 2012 ) until this Saturday, at or about 3pm.

The reason?

 Re-enforcements are coming to the secret, central New York HQ operation, and these power brokers won't arrive until about then.  The exact arrival moment, as well as the route, vehicle type and security detail is never revealed to the general public ( for security purposes).

If you are going to do a third intervention ( think in terms of a third Quantitative Easing for the economy ), you must get it right.

This is unprecedented for a single season.

To be honest, it shows a degree of panic with respect to the quality of the 2012 Yankee team.

Make that, " a degree of honesty and objective appraisal."

If we don't get it right this time, at this late date, the supreme machine that is the Yankees could end up in the drink and out of the race:


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