Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hell Night: Yankees celebrate homecoming with third worst moment of the season

Worst Yankee Moments of 2012 (Thus Far)

1. Mariano Rivera injured catching fungo off bat of Jayson Nix.

2. Yanks trade Jesus Montero for plate of bad clams.

3. LAST NIGHT: Teixeira hurt (perhaps for duration of regular season), Soriano blows two-run lead, Lowe's pickoff goes into rightfield, Yanks squander nice Phelps outing, extra-inning loss.

4. Line drive knocks out Andy Pettitte for six weeks.

5. Arod's wrist broken on changeup thrown by King Felix, who baffles Yankees.

6. Opening Day blown save by Mariano against Tampa, loss that leads to sweep by Rays.

7. After three aborted comebacks, Brett Gardner goes to surgery, out for year.

8. Yanks donate future Cy Young candidate AJ Burnett to Pittsburgh for absolutely nothing.

9. Loss against Angels in LA when Hughes blows 7-run lead after Jared Weaver gets hammered and hurt.

10. Constant promos read by John and Suzyn during Yankee radio broadcasts rouse Ralph Nader to complain, saying the ads “disrupt the flow and excitement of the game broadcast and undermine your responsibilities as a guardian of the national pastime.”

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One barely exciting thing at my job said...

Berry Gardner is alive and apparently well enough to carry groceries, so I guess that elbow will be just fine next year.