Sunday, August 5, 2012

Letter to the editor: Would the world disband the Yankees to save a human life?

Kansas City Star
July 29

Dear Editor,

A July 26 letter tried to explain away Joe Paterno’s actions as keeping “the glorious reputation of its football program clean.”
This is where the disconnect is. Defenders of Paterno’s actions don’t seem to realize this major problem: These institutions are elevated to the point of idol worship. They are put above all else, including the well-being of children.

It’s not just Penn State. People everywhere base their civic pride wholly on the outcome of sports.

Here’s a hypothetical question: If for some reason a person in New York was taken hostage and the demand was to disband the Yankees forever, would authorities do it?

Better yet, how many people would prefer to let one person die for the team? Even one person who would choose the Yankees over a life is too many.

Jeff Kellett
Kansas City

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Kei Looking said...

Depends on who that one person was, and what's his wOBA ?