Thursday, August 9, 2012


At the onset of this season, actually a few weeks prior, I made a series of predictions.

El Duque scoffed.

The re-branded MUSTANG did not write off my incantations.

I predicted:

1.  Pineda would have arm surgery and not come north with the Yankees.

2.  The " top prospect " we also got in the Pineda trade would never pitch for the Yankees and, moreover, was used kleenex as far as talent goes.

3.  That Banuelos would have surgery and not pitch for the Yankees (  I now think he will never pitch for the Yankees).  Don't forget, all the Yankee scouts and former players were calling him the next, Ron Guidry.

4.  That Bettances was a too-tall geek who could not pitch strikes.

5.  That the entire idea of, "a great yankee abundance of young catching talent," was a typical front office lie.

6.  That Tex would never bunt or hit to the opposite field ( except when swinging late unintentionally) to beat the shift.

7.  That this team was bound to suffer some meaningful injuries during the season ( due to its age and yearly grind of being on the field).

8.  That would we never see that lefty the Mets stuck us with 2 years ago, or any of the lefties we allowed Pittsburgh to stick us with.

9.  That A-Rod looked like a .260 hitter good for maybe 20 HRs ( I can't even go back to my anger when the Yankees re-signed him on his terms , so we have him until the league expands to europe).

10.  That we have no talent, none, in the minors at any level.  Maybe some 8th grader from the Dominican will prove useful someday, but all the other names are a joke including the 140 pound center fielder in A ball.

11.  That our front office people responsible for the amateur draft should be sent to work for the Syrian Government.  We haven't drafted anyone who can play since Derek ( I don't think Robbie Cano was acquired through the draft....not sure).

12.  That we would likely make the playoffs, but had no chance to get out of round one ( you don't hit homers off of aces from quality teams ).

None of this was meant to become true.  All of it was supposed to make me look the fool.

For some reason, negative JU-JU has departed my powers.
I think I need to drink more, and eat more cheeseburgers.


schnell abnehmen said...

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diätplan said...

good post

el duque said...

It's true, Alphonso did predict all those things.

schnell diatplan said...

very self serving post

JM said...

Amazingly self serving and incredibly justified. When I read that list months ago, I knew some would become true and others caused a cringe and little stomach flip that often accompanies an unpleasant truth.

Well done, Alphonso. Intentionally or not, well done.

Now if you could turn your attention to the 6th race at Saratoga this coming Saturday and post your findings, that would be great.

Hermodorus said...

Fantastic work, as usual. Alphonso is our Cassandra.

Honestly though, many of these were not that hard to predict.

Campos, Banuelos, Pineda. Their common fate was inscribed long before they joined the org.

diätplan said...

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