Sunday, August 26, 2012

Boston Re-Loads But Our Future Secure

The Yankees may be old, slow and shaky, but our future is secure:

1. We have the new "Ron Guidry" recovering from his first arm surgery.

2.  We have Pineda in AA treatment and recovering from his first arm surgery.

3.  We have Dellin Bettances still trying to throw a strike and awaiting his first arm surgery.

4.  But the true gift for our future lies in our draft picks:

-  one at UCLA.
-  another playing basketball at Kansas.
-  a shortstop from Rochester no one ever writes about.
-  a 140 pound center fielder, batting about what Russell Martin hits.
-  no prospects at all ( in terms of either age or potential) above "A" ball.
-  an entire Yankee minor league team ( Staten Island ) getting used to last place with a 20-40 record.

When we really roll over the mattress (i.e. Jeter, MO, Andy, A-Rod and a few other 35 plus vets ), we will have absolutely no talent except Cano.  Grandy and Tex are good players, but not good enough.

And, guess what?  Even Cano is not getting younger.

If the greedy, failed and useless brothers, named Hal and Hank, continue to pee on their father's legacy of spending for stars, baseball for Yankee fans will become a rear-view mirror sport for at least a decade.

Boston is facing up to their need to re-tool while we continue to fantasize.


Mustang said...

"Our future secure?" Keep your future safe and secure with a policy from New York Life. New York Life, the company you keep.

Flavius said...

Do you think we can get the Dodgers to take on A-Rod's contract?

Swinging Kei said...

If they were really "re-tooling", wouldn't they have to bring Beckett back ?