Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If Jeter batted third last night, we might have won; plus, Tex might not have gotten hurt

This just in from the alternative multiple Yankiverse continuum:
If Jete batted third last night -- as this website has proven scientifically he should -- his 9th inning homerun would come with two outs, rather than leading off, a far more crippling and fatal psychological blow to Toronto - ensuring Yankee victory. Also, batting in front of Robbie, Jete might have been on base during one of Cano's two one-run HRs. That would have won the game. Also, Teixeira would have batted later and not have hurt his calf sprinting the bases.

OK, I know what you're thinking: "This writer is incredible. He should be managing the Yankees!" No. I shouldn't be managing the Yankees. But thank you for suggesting it. I'm merely reporting from the alternative Yankiverse: If Jete bats third, we can still win this.

Yes, no one can truly know if the Yanks would have won last night if Jeter had been batting third - WHERE HE BELONGS - but what's your point? We lost. We lost a brutal game. We lost a horrible game. It was like 1 millions losses crammed into one. (Which is similar to the point before Big Bang creation, btw.) Even if Cano is waking from his midsummer nap, both HRs came with nobody on -- a commonality that is absolutely killing us. We need somebody in the middle of the order who hits in the clutch. Hmmm. Who could that be?

The one with the highest average? How about the one who has hit the most home runs in the last two weeks? Or the guy who is famous for clutch play? Hmmm. Who could it be? Casey McGehee, you say? Jack Cust? Wait for ARod? Slade Heathcott? Hmmm. Who?

Save the Yankees.

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