Saturday, June 2, 2012

Damn. Now I'm confused: After all this, I guess we SHOULDA traded Hughes and Joba for Santana

Another reason to tar and feather Cashman! If it hadn't been for him - refusing to trade Hughes and Joba for Johann Santana - we would be sitting on a no-hitter this morning.

"Dammit, Brian Cashman, we’d be better off if you were never born!"

Wait a minute. Something just happened. I'm no longer wet..

We didn’t get that grand slam last night, because Grandyman is still a Tiger, and Austin Jackson is injured. What’s Wilson Betemit doing in left field? And who is that in right? Jose Tabata?
Oh well, a no-hitter is a no-hitter.

Wait a minute. Girardi just took out Santana in the seventh. He’s bringing in... Phil Coke? Hm-mm.

Every time someone homers, an Angel is dealt for Juan Rivera.


John M said...

Did anyone see that catch Damon made in left field yesterday? One of the greatest diving catches ever?

You remember Damon. He's the guy Cashman wasn't interested in because he couldn't play the outfield anymore. Yeah, him.

Hell, he's no Ibanez.

bennyboy said...

Ibanez has been our best clutch hitter this year. And he has more home runs than A-Rod. Or Adrian Gonzalez. Or Jose Tabata. Or Kevin Youkalis. Or Jesus Montero.