Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Couple Of Red Flags

This is me and a " selfie."

I know that everyone is now talking a championship for this patchwork team of wealthy players.

I say this:

1.  That little calf muscle thing with Ellsbury is worrisome.  Wait until he is running in a snowstorm.

2.  Pineda making the team as fifth starter is ominous.  According to my forecasts, he is never supposed to pitch for the Yankees.

3.  Derek not hitting is not a worry to anyone.  But his foot speed could be.

4.  I still say Dellin Bettances is a mirage, not a brilliant reclamation project of some wise, Yankee coach.

5.  It is dismaying that none of our .400 hitters in spring training will be given a shot.  Money talks.

6.  There will be a few interesting dudes to watch as their minor league season unfolds.  I couldn't say this last year.

On to Houston rode the 400…….


ceeja said...

They are not winning any championships, but they could finsh second or third in the East.

I'm expecting only mediocrity out of Jeter and Texeira, but that would be an improvement from last year's players at those positions.

Lots to like in the new players. But, Johnson, Jeter, and Roberts have looked pretty ragged defensively. That may cost them a few games.

Anonymous said...

Jeter will be a complete washout--might face pressure to hang it up by the All-Star break to help prevent a complete team implosion. The Yankees will be lucky if Teixeira rises to mediocrity--his power switch has been in the OFF position all spring; he's not Teixeira anymore. At least he can still field, but it's only a corner position. Ike Davis, anyone?

The strong point of the Yankees is starting pitching--but most of their best pitchers are stranded in the bullpen or AAA, and the supporting defense--critical to any pitching staff--is riddled with holes: Roberts and Jeter are millstones, Johnson's a question mark, and Cervelli has a checkered past; only left fied and center are above average defenders.
Kuroda and Sabathia will suck. Tanaka will be OK, not great--his stuff doesn't look nearly as good as Darvish's, unless there's a post-spring surprise in store. Pineda is a 6' 5" question mark. They'd be better of with Phelps, Warren, and Nuno in the rotation (and they may well be by July), but hey--this ain't Tampa Bay.

To round out the feeble offense: Kelly Johnson sucks. Brian Roberts sucks. Beltran may or may not have anything left in the tank. Cervelli will be lucky to break .700 with his OPS. And, as noted, Tex and Jete are semidone and done, respectively.

So where does that leave the Bummers? At least a couple of toes dangling in the AL East cellar.

This is the summer when you can keep that longstanding promise to yourself to read Gibbon or Middlemarch.