Monday, March 17, 2014

Banuelos Banned

One of our killer "B's" has just been sent down to A ball, in Tampa.  Over, rather than down, may be the more accurate geographical description.  In any case, after giving up 4 runs in less than an inning the other day, it was clear his
latest surgery didn't take.

Big surprise, eh?

As Duque has previously referenced, the Yankees, in my view, will not keep any surprise performers. No matter how well they hit, they are already, and always were, pre-labeled ( "back to minors" ). Where they will lose heart, interest or health.

It must be unbelievably frustrating to get invited to spring training, hit over .600, outperform every veteran, and then be judged as "minor league.  To be fit into a category where you won't get a shot, no matter what you do.

 The same goes for the pitchers.  Everyone coming north is already penciled in.  Even Claiborne, for Pete's sake.

Possibly, Bettances will get an invitation north. He could be the one exception.

 Although he showed signs, late yesterday, of his old
 self ( a lead-off walk, followed by a hit batter ).  Mostly, however, I think he escaped the danger
( I don't know because my tv stopped recording at that point ).

So this is the time ( very close ) where the "shining gems from nowhere" get sent back to the coal mines.  Where we will be told, " ( insert favorite young player name here ) will do better playing every day in Scranton/Trenton, than sitting on a bench here."

It is the time when we all blindly accept that the Yankees, "know what they are doing," and watch the team of old time stars waddle out of the gait.  Soon, some of them will be hitting .218 and banging into double plays.  Not ever seeming to get the clutch hit.

And we'll wonder how some of those promising youngsters might have fared.

But there is no guts, no gamble, no instinct in Girardi, Cashman or any of the coaches.

Just the same old, predictable players.  Same old predictable everything.

I just don't think they will hold up.


ceeja said...

I feel and share the angst. BUT: sending ManBan makes all the sense in the world so long as they keep guys like Solarte and Nuno and Bettances. Banuelos has not measured up to those guys.

If they kick out the guys who are doing well, then I'm going to start spending my time watching the local independent minor league team.

el duque said...

I'm not giving up on Manny. But there are a lot of pitchers just like him out there. They were once hot beans, they blew out their elbow, and now they're starting over.

He's never going to be that "next Guidry" that they once dared to whisper about. And we should not let them get away with hyping Jose Campos and Luis Severino so heavily. Anybody at low Single A can be the next Koufax.

KD said...

If you're one of those talented youngsters knocking the cover off the ball in camp, you're only chance is too keep right on hitting. Hope to be traded away for a fancy free agent on the decline. After playing in a few all star games, maybe you come back to the Yanks with an empty tank running on fumes. We'll take one look and sign you for three years!

SanJoseKid said...,35535/

John M said...

And then there are the guys who, no matter what they do in the minors, will never get a chance...or a second chance. Like Igawa when he actually started pitching well in AAA, or that guy who can pitch with either arm (think of the inning limit quandry there, Cashboy).

But I think this year we'll see the Y-man and the Z-man when the veterans start to hit the DL, and you know they will.

Too bad Nady isn't around anymore. Then we'd have an X-man to be part of the XYZ-men.

I always liked Cervelli. The money spent on McCann could've been used to get a real infielder. But, front office wisdom strikes again...