Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sitting and Sipping

I found a bar last night, in New Milford, Connecticut, where I could watch Michigan/Tennessee and Uconn/Iowa State with almost no one around me.  Rumor had it, that bar also could tap into whatever obscure TV affiliate was showing the Yankee game.

That turned out to be a lie.

After I dropped about $80 on crown shots and Stella drafts, I skulked away in a nasty mood.

The local paper is always a week behind ( it just has flight 370 disappearing ), so I have no information this morning on the final Yankee cuts.  Did Nunez make it?  Which lefty did they keep?

Anyone got a source?

They probably know more in Norway than I know here for Cripse sake  ( what the hell is cripse?).  A fish soaked in lye?


Anonymous said...

it doesn't take $80 worth of shots to put you in a nasty mood.

Mustang said...

Cripse died for your sins.