Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Alphonso Said

As Girardi and LoHud writers will tell you ad infinitum, spring training stats don't mean anything. That's why young guys who do great (maybe batting against young guys who don't) get sent down to the pit of Hades. Or Scranton-AshleyWilkes-Barre, whatever. that logic, our "stars" are also facing some young guys who aren't doing so great. Gartner is the only one over .300. Tex is hitting .100 so far (the wrist is fine, honest), Jeter .128 (the ankle's fine, honest). At least Beltran has a couple of dingers.

Let's not look at the pitching except to note that Kuroda is a perfect 1-0 -- with a 6.48 ERA and coughing up a .353 BA. Yeah, one bad outing. Phelps has the most innings pitched and they're only batting .247 against him, but sadly, his name doesn't end in A. To the pen!

Hey, here's a question for the Ichiro (.209 BA) haters:  will Kuroda become the mound version of the Ich this year?

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