Saturday, March 22, 2014

Excuse me? This means what?


ceeja said...

I was at this game, doing my due diligence for the 2014 season.

Good News: Sabathia, who now pitches like Pettite as well as looks like him from the upper deck, looked very good. Good location, lots of different pitches. Saved the real nasty hard stuff of McCutchen.

Then Girardi bought Thornton and Kelly in to complete the 8th -- they blew them away.

Pretty impressive pitching.

Also good news: bunch of double plays and McCann throwing 2 guys out stealing with perfect pegs. This guy also hits.

Bad news:

1. Jeter. Can't. Hit. OK? Got that? He is completely lost at the plate; usually fouls or grounds the ball off weakly; and he has no ability to elevate the ball. This is serious guys (see, e.g., Dimaggio circa 1931; Mays circa 1973; Steve Carlton in the late 1980s). I've given up on even the slyly negative prognosis required by proper juju. This guy plain sucks. Earth to Yankee fans: The Emperor Has No Clothes.

2. Texeira: It's like the old joke about George H.W. Bush: he left his ego in a blind trust. He's go no confidence at the plate. Actually saw him try to hit to left -- and weakly strike out. 2 very weak strike outs.

3. Roberts and Kelly: some really bad errors/misplays in field.

ceeja said...

typo in above: See dimaggio circa 1951