Monday, March 17, 2014

A rainout in Bradenton is still better than most experiences in this world

Last week, I think Mustang and I attended a spring training game between the Pirates and Twins in the lost city of Bradenton, Florida. My recollection is that we planned to issue a full scouting report on both teams. Upon further review, I suspect we failed in the mission.

As best as I can recall, the entire outfield of the lost city of Bradenton's baseball park is a makeshift tiki bar.

The. Entire. Outfield. In my mind, I'm recalling that the tiki tables had signs on them that said, "Watch out for falling baseballs and other objects." I don't know what the other objects could be, unless they were referring to people, who would be falling off their chairs. 

I think the bar in the outfield of the lost city of Bradenton has about 100 different brands of beer on tap. I suspect they are served in large portions, and people of the lost city of Bradenton are kind and gentle, the types who will buy you a beer simply because you look as if you've already had too many beers, and they want to see what will happen if you drink one more.

I think Mustang and I shall always remember their generosity, even if we have forgotten the game. I heartily recommend games - even rainouts - in the lost city of Bradenton, Florida. But it might have been a dream.

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Mustang said...

I thought it was a dream, too, until I woke up wearing an IPA-soaked Pirates jersey. A solid report, Duque; all I can add is that, if you run out of juice, the bartenders will charge your phone.