Monday, March 31, 2014

Calling for JuJu intervention

OK. I know it is way too early and probably only duque is authorized to do this but John M's last post has me concerned. We will not, repeat NOT, lose to those bums in Houston. We will start the season off right with a sweep of the loathsome Astros. So, let's all focus our JuJu and do whatever you do to bring home a sweep. In case you need any extra incentive, focus on this photo. Look closely. Narrow your eyes. If this doesn't bring forth righteous indignation, turn in your el duque secret decoder ring, dammit, and go in peace. May posterity forget that you were once one of us.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Uh, only El Duque gets to call for an International JuJu Intervention. Calling for it during your two minutes in the spotlight is completely bush league, IMHO.

Your post reminds me of the time the comedian Dick Shawn was on the Tonight Show. While on Johnny's couch, he faked a manic rage and announced that the Tonight Show set was ugly. He then proceeded to tear it all apart. He ripped out the backdrop behind the desk, tipped over Johnny's desk, and finished by destroying all the plants on the set.

If Johnny Carson had done this, it would have been funny. The fact someone else -- anyone else -- did it was the height of disrespect.

If we go 0-3 against the lowly 'Stros, you sir are the reason.

John M said...

That's harsh.

Local, keep in mind that KD did NOT call for an International JuJu Intervention. He only said "let's all focus our JuJu and do whatever you do to bring home a sweep."

I think the informal "focus our JuJu" and the dilution provided by "do whatever you do," which clearly describes non-JuJu efforts, make this a completely unofficial call not on a par with a full IJI.

On the other point, Johnny Carson wasn't really funny for years, and would never tear apart his set even if it would've been funny. Dick Shawn was weirdly funny until his onstage death (a heart attack which the audience acdtually thought was part of his act), but perhaps went too far on the Tonight Show. If Johnny laughed, it was OK. If he had that strained look, Dick certainly overreached.

KD said...

But if we sweep, do I get the credit? Oh, that's a little snarky, isn't it. I'm sorry. I knew I was pushing the envelope but had to act out just a little before Dad got home.

I know we all missed Duque, especially us pinch-hitters. I feel bad I didn't post more of my adolescent musings, although you may be thankful I didn't. Thank you all so much for the visits and comments for the past week. It's been an honor and I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my pinstriped heart.

Mustang said...

In my opinion, Duque is at most the Prometheus who stole Juju from the gods, and at least its Homer. Both are sublimely honorable positions, but they don't make him Juju's owner. Any Yankee fan who is a believer may call for Juju participation on any level, from a shotgunned beer to a global intervention.

Of course, I say this as a proponent of scientific baseball and foe of superstition. So you don't have to listen to me.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

It's been a WONDERFUL IIHIIFIIC week guys, thanks for all of your attention and hard work on this blog, we readers have had a blast!


Local Bargain Jerk said...

"Any Yankee fan who is a believer may call for Juju participation on any level, from a shotgunned beer to a global intervention."

I don't disagree with this. My point, however, was that "any Yankee fan" may NOT "call for Juju participation" from THIS top-drawer rostrum. That call can only be made by The Proprietor.

KD's call the other day was like that scene in The Clash's movie (yes, The Clash made a movie, Rude Boy), in which some lowly roadie got up on stage, grabbed a microphone, and tried to whip up the crowd. One of the band members sagely advised him to "Get the fuck off the stage!"

In other words, anyone is entitled say "I like The Clash" or "Please, fellows, let's give it up for The Clash". However, only fully qualified rock stars are allowed to take The Microphone and say it.

KD's intemperate action has already had its effect.

Anonymous said...

Nice job ass face. Season over now

KD said...

I love you too. Please, don't ever change.