Friday, March 21, 2014

Mystery of Malaysian Flight 370 sheds light on desperate need for more worldwide radar surveillance

Flight 370 has blown a gaping hole in our sense of omnipotence.

Yes, whatever happened probably occurred way out there, in the middle of nowhere, in the Indian Ocean, where nobody gives a crap. But isn't that exactly where the aliens would strike? They're not stupid. They're not going to touchdown outside of Binghamton. If they read any news stories at all, they have just been alerted to humanity's ultimate blind spot, our soft radar underbelly.
More eyes in the skies would make us all feel safe and secure. And you can keep your family safe and secure... with New York Life! For more than sixty years, New York Life has been keeping families safe and secure.

Yes, it will soon be that time again... just warming up.

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KD said...

You nailed it, duque. the problem with the good ol' USA is we just don't have enough info on what everyone's doing and where they're doing it. somebody's getting away with something somewhere, and we can't tolerate not knowing in this day and age. Let us hope that soon we'll all be required to wear Google Glass with direct feeds into the NSA. Do it for safety. do it for the Children!