Sunday, March 9, 2014

Enjoy it while it lasts: Yankee catchers and 2B are crushing the ball

Yes, the first weeks of spring training are jokes. But it's nice to see what competition fosters on a roster.

Five of the Yankee top 11 hitters thus far are catchers, which means they got off to a good start - and maybre - just maybe - it is because somebody is about to be traded. It would make no sense for Austin Romine or Francisco Cervelli to catch for Scranton - especially considering that JR Murphy - hitting .154, but with a HR - needs to play there.

Then there are the no-name middle infielders: Solarte (who appeared out of nowhere) Sizemore, Anna, Johnson and Pirela - all chasing two slots. (BTW, Nuni is hitting .235.) Without a doubt, this is the greatest opportunity in their baseball careers. The next three weeks will determine everything. But let's at least give them credit: They came charging out of the blocks.

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