Friday, March 14, 2014

I Think The Safest Thing To Do Is….

1.  Think that Derek retired last year, and departed with Mariano.

 I watched him yesterday get thrown out by the Oriole third baseman, on a ground ball that he backhanded while sprinting up the left-field foul line onto the outfield grass.  The announcers talked about how Derek was busting it up the first base line ( and he was ), but his foot speed reflected recent leg injuries, ankle injuries and 40 years of hard work.

I think the third baseman was ready to tuck the ball in his glove, walk to the mound with it, and
say to himself," well, at least I saved a double."

But when he looked over, Derek was still moving like a freighter recently released from tugboat support, trying to reach "tide speed" leaving the channel, away from port.

We love Derek and will bear considerable agony watching him try to be 22 again.

2.  Understand that the Montero trade was, is and remains a bust.  Pineda is finished.  He is lucky he even started.  I hope he invested those early paychecks wisely.

3.  Not believe the hype of a Yankee, "stockpile of great, young catchers. " None of them will be great.  Likely, none of them will be Yankees.

4.  Accept the failure of Dellin Bettances, when the real games begin.  He has a great record of one inning outings this spring, usually coming into a game with no one on base, and most of the batters familiar to him from the dregs of minor league teams.  But put him into a crucial 8th inning situation, in Boston, trying to protect a 2-1 Yankee lead and he'll walk the first batter he sees.  You know the rest.

5. Believe, now, that none of last year's draft picks will have a break-out year this season.  And by season's end, none of them will be in the "top 100 prospects" by Baseball United, or whatever flak organization makes up those lists.

6.  Send letters of employment opportunities ( if you know of any) to Tyler Austin and Slade Heathcott, as it will become clear that baseball is just not good for them.

7.  Have no uplifting thoughts about the Yankees this season, which begin with the word,
"If.." As In:

 If CC can find his fastball;  If Roberts can play 120 games; If Tex 's wrist holds up; If Robertson can come in and throw strikes; If Jacoby has a healthy year….



KD said...

Alphonso, There will be a breakout year for one of our guys. And that guy is.... Eduardo Nunez!

you heard it here first!

Alphonso said...

He did make a nice play yesterday at third,
didn't he?

el duque said...

Contact me at, both of you, and let's talk.

Vengeance74 said...

Wow,even more negative than the suual.What's got into you guys? You used to be funny,now it's too bitter to even be considered sarcasm

Alphonso said...

What got into me was;

1. Brian Cashman not taking a fall for horrible drafts, terrible talent development, and a failed farm system. Further, that the Yankees made no meaningful changes to address those weaknesses.

2. Not making the playoffs last year.

3. Taping together a team of aged, non-Yankees for the 2014 team, and expecting us to be rabid Yankee supporters.

4. Remembering that the glory Yankee days featured players from the Yankee organization; Jorge; Bernie, Derek, MO, Andy etc.

Don't worry; sarcasm will return. We are still feeling the effects of 2013 and this year's winter.

Anonymous said...

This Yankee front office and team are beyond sarcasm--they inspire reverence for the sheer abject stubborn incompetence and stupidity of the whole enterprise.

It beggars belief and any kind of coherent expression. As the wise man once said, whereof one cannot speak, therefore one must be silent. But whining is so much more fun, and it's good for the soul.