Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Freudian Yankee Quote of the Day

From the Gray Lady:

... [W]hen those worrisome thoughts settle into his synapses, Beltran will reach over the side of his bed and find his baseball bat.
“I’ll just feel my grip, work my grip, thinking, thinking,” said Beltran, who has also been known to hold a new bat close to his ear, listening to its tone. “Sometimes, a thought will come to me, an answer.”

So in the quiet darkness, with troubling thoughts in his head and baseball bat in hand, Beltran will slip out of bed and stand off to the side.

“I’ll get in my stance,” he said. “I’ll feel my grip...”

1 comment:

John M said...

Hey, uh...yo...man...that's not a bat.