Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Still hope: Yangervis survives the cut

But Mason Williams didn't.

Ten players sent to the minors, no surprises. Zelous Wheeler is still a zealous Yankee, and Solarte is still Yankee-gervis.

Of course they'll soon be gone. But someday... imagine this:

A Yankee player without a ceiling built of concrete. 

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KD said...

One of my many odd habits is enjoying the obituaries in the Star Ledger (biggest NJ newspaper. I'm still a fan of news print.) I tend to zero in on the old coots, WW2 vets, etc. I imagine their life experiences and ponder the great beyond.

anyhow, the point of this story is one WW2 vet had a nice long obit. He led a fascinating life but what he was most proud of was an invitation to Yankee spring training. He got to put on the pinstrips and actually try out for the team. Imagine that! All these accomplishments in war, business, family and community but what he always talked about was getting that call, traveling to Florida and trying out for the Yankees.

I hope the kids sent down will also find future joy in their Yankee experience.