Thursday, March 27, 2014

John & Suzyn on the Hot Seat

When's Bryan Hoch drew the assignment to get the inside scoop on the 2014 Yankees--and don't come back without it!--he followed his nose-for-news right to The Voice and his Yankees Compañera. A seasoned interviewer, Hoch grilled the pair until they had no choice but to spill their guts. The lowdown: there's a lot happening in Pinstripeland--and it's all good!

Video and transcript here. Below, a few highlights.

John on Jeter: I think there's a chance he really will be Derek Jeter.

Suzyn on Jeter: I talked to Kevin Long today about that. He's not worried about him at all.

Suzyn on Tanaka: I think he's tremendous. He's got everything. I think he's the real deal.

John on Tanaka: He looks like he's really a competitor and it looks like he's really cool, too.

John on the 2014 Yankees: I think they might have a very good ballclub.

Suzyn on the 2014 Yankees: I think this is going to be a good year.

John's Key to the Season: The key to all this, because we're seeing it with other teams in March, is staying healthy.

Suzyn on Staying Healthy: I think Jacoby Ellsbury is going to be fine with the little calf or whatever.

John's Bottom Line: There are going to be injuries, but I think the Yankees had a great camp.


John M said...

I'm sitting here at my desk in the office laughing out loud like an idiot.

Uh oh, I think I just gave Anon an opening there.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Suzyn promised us crying in the booth! That was very unexpected.

KD said...

John M: when you laugh, you laugh like an idiot. But when I laugh, I laugh AS an idiot. So don't be step'n on my toes, bro. I am the only true state-schooled idiot on this blog. You're just a wanna be.

Anonymous said...

If Susan does any more Botox, she'll have to move her mouth with her fingertips.