Friday, March 28, 2014

help me...

The wild rumpus is about begin and here I sit, stranded in Baltimore visiting family. The Master and his Gollum have done their best to encourage us and put a positive spin on the upcoming season but something tells me they are whistling past the graveyard. The key is staying healthy. You don't say.

The natives SEEM friendly enough down here. Always willing to expound on where to get the best crabcakes, the divine nature of Bertha's Mussels, and the heroic play at 3rd by Brooksie (if they are old enough to remember) but there is a darkness and fans had better watch their Ps and Qs. Even my sweet granddaughter, only 3 years old, bristles at my Yankee hat and refuses to learn "Let's go Yankees!" I fear the kid is lost.

I'll be heading home soon but not soon enough. Opening day I'll be ensconced in enemy territory, watching my Ps and Qs and eating substandard pizza. Pray for me.


John M said...

Good God, KD, is this what a state school education gets you? A week in Baltimore? That seems unusually harsh.

Tell your 3-year-old granddaughter to get with the program or she gets nothing in the will. That'll straighten her out. Kids have to learn.

We'll be thinking of you down there during the season opener. Do they have the Intertubes down there, or are you going to be cut off from the Google?

Alphonso said...

Hard crabs compensate for anything and everything.

KD said...

Take this as a cautionary tale to share with youngsters who won't do their homework. serving as a bad example gives meaning to my life.

this grandchild is irksome, but I can't just cut her out. way too cute. Besides, I blame her mother.