Tuesday, March 25, 2014

News From the Shadow of the Baseball Cathedral:

Winter returns to the Bronx

Snow showers on Tuesday night and scattered snow showers on Wednesday.
Beer returns to the Bronx
After 50 years without a working brewery, mash tuns and fermentation tanks are once again chugging along in the borough.
Dinosaurs return to the Bronx
In an exclusive first peek, The Daily News saw a dozen new dinosaurs being wheeled into the zoo on forklifts after arriving in the Bronx by truck at about 10 a.m. Monday.
Grapplers Grunt for the Bronx
By day, the men are construction workers and restaurant managers—but by night, they turn into the Caveman and the Big Heavy, all taking part in the monthly spectacle organized by the Bronx Wrestling Federation, or BWF.

1 comment:

John M said...

Now, if we could find some wrestling dinosaurs who use melted snow to make beer, we'd really hit the jackpot. Hell, we should sign them for the infield. Those big tails would stop a lot of grounders in the hole.