Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cashman Has Built A Two-Fer

As the dust settles on the first two months of the 2014 season, it is clear what we have.

A team that can score two runs per game.  No more and, usually, no fewer.  In the last 5 games, we have scored 10 runs.  That is Two runs per game.  We can lose 3-2, 7-2, 10-2…it doesn't matter.

Let's do a test;  I gave up last night once Oakland went ahead 3-2, despite Kuroda's best start of the year.  He went deep into the game, left with a 2-1 run lead, and we had Dellin and Warren rested.  (Not sure Joe was confident with David Robertson yet, after his melt-down.)

Not sure Joe had his thinking cap on, either, when our slick-field, but absolutely no-hit,
shortstop ( Ryan? ) came to bat with runners on first and second,  no one out., and the Yankees desperate for an insurance run against one of baseballs most prolific scoring teams.

He let him hit away.  Ryan did, in fairness, fake a bunt on a fastball down the middle, but then he went on to watch a called strike three bend right across the heart of the plate.
Give him some credit, he complained that the pitch was inside.  It wasn't.  Not even close.

 I remember in elementary school, baseball coaches would say, " if you have 2 strikes on you, you must swing at anything close."  It was like a universal language.  Like, " hold your breath when you go under water."

Ryan probably can't swim, either.

Oh, I forgot;  the test.  How did we do last night?

What was the final score?


Ken of Brooklyn said...

Yep! Hate to say it, but I turned off the game when the A's went up 3-2,,,,,,, with this team, the loss was inevitable!

joe de pastry said...

I turned it off after the ninth. I knew what was going to happen.
Ryan was awful at the plate, but he made at least two plays in the field that Jeter would not have made.

Tom said...

at the risk of turning this site into an echo chamber, I will say, "Yup, not a good team."