Sunday, June 1, 2014

More Crap, Sans Wit

Dave Robbie was truly terrible today for his second blown save of the season. Which, when you consider how many saves some well-regarded closers blow per season, is really not bad. As long as it doesn't keep happening with any regularity.

But one thing about this one: it was well and truly blown. Five runs without getting out of the inning.

Well, even the Mick put up a golden sombrero sometimes.

I had something really terribly funny to put here, but I want to keep my record of wit-free crap postings pure.

A hat tip to Phil Phranchise, who pretty much stymied the Yankees in the Bandbox of Death for pitchers of his fly-ball ilk, and tossed one fine game. Conversely, as Alphonso just said, the Yankees offense sputtered once again and only came up with two runs. I choose to give Phil credit for our anemic showing, since I've always had a soft spot for him due to the fact that he carried the largest heap of expectations on his shoulders since Bobby Murcer took over center field (hey, Bobby started as a shortstop, just like Mick, and they're both from Oklahoma!!).

For those of you too demoralized or lazy to visit a standings page, the Yanks are now 3.5 behind Tonronto, who won today, and Boston, who also won today, is now only six back and very safely out of the cellar. As Duque pointed out, we're worse than we were at this point last year...

Are we worth more than Kate M's butt? Methinks not. It's a hell of a butt.

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