Saturday, September 6, 2014

Congratulations to Robbie Cano for getting out just in time

The "19" is the Yanks "Tragic Number," opposite of the magic one. But
the real numbers to know are 4-6. over the last 10. Let the record show that,
with the season on the line, this veteran team didn't play above .500. 
There's always one kid who leaves the ecstasy rave two minutes before the SWAT teams arrive, and doesn't get bloodied by the percussion grenades. He never gets booted off the volleyball team, he gets to attend his prom totally drunk, and - in the end - still saves 15 percent or more on car insurance.

This season, that's been Robinson Cano - yes - our little Robbie, all grown up.

Not only does Robbie get ridiculous bank account transfers from Seattle, but he's won commercial endorsements he never dreamed of as a Yankee - (in the heartland, the only acceptable Yankee is named Derek) - and, most importantly, he escaped the 2014 Yankee Curse.

That's the only way to describe it. The Curse of Somethingorother. I'm not sure what. The Curse of Hal? The Curse of Cashman? The Curse of AJ Burnett? Somebody, somewhere, cursed us. That's for sure. And Robbie left two minutes before the helicopters.  

If Seattle wins the one-game Wild Card playoff - vaulting Seattle into the actual post-season - Robbie's reputation will be encased in gold. No matter how much his skills deteriorate over the next 10 years, the fans can point to 2014 as the year the Mariners played in October, and he'll have been the reason. Besides, when Robbie's hitting .230, you can bet the house the Yankees will get him in a late-season salary dump, while they chase the 2020 away-game wild card birth.


Celerino Sanchez said...

Dontcha know how bad the Yanks will be next year??

KD said...

Pulling for Detroit is something I never expected to happen.

Tom said...

Much has been written here about trading Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour, but Pineda's last month of starts have been nothing but impressive. it needs to be said. Too bad Tanaka's lost to us next year, recovering from Tommy John elbow.

Frank Dieli said...

Yanks don't thrive on pitching; it's hitting...and where that will come from???????

Frank Dieli said...

The trouble with the pinstripers is that they have become Susan's Pinkstripers: I imagine in the lockerroom they practice curtseying and cross-dressing. When someone gets paid 20-25 million (a)they do not get hurt (b)they play productively every game.