Friday, September 5, 2014

Public Enemy #1

This guy needs to GTFOMT. (For the old people out there, that stands for Get The $?%! Off My Team)

Seriously though, if we cut off our nose to spite our face with Burnett, we can do the same with this guy right? In a second I would pay his entire contract for him to play on some Godforsaken team like Pittsburgh.


KD said...

Was at the Stadium, expecting some bottom of the 9th Yankees magic last night. But when Gardner failed and beltran stepped in, we all knew it was over. Totally sucks that he went down with his bat on his shoulder. Mike and the staff pitched great too. But, jeez, what an awful offence we've got. Tex, in particular, looked lost at the plate. Starting to feel for the guy.

BUT on a plus note, we never bolted out of the Bronx over the GWB back to Jersey so quickly. Actually got back before the ice cream shop closed. We have to search for the positives, you know.

The Ghost of Scott Brosius said...

In the immortal but probably paraphrased words of huge baseball fan Keith Olbermann: "People think that I go out of my way to bash other sports because I want my favorite sport to be popular. But in reality, I don't want baseball to be popular. I want it to be the least popular sport in America because it'll make my commute to the ballpark shorter."